A global currency specifically designed to give back by helping those in need! And you are invited...

Whenever you buy, a portion of it is automatically sent out to charitable causes.

Global Poverty

There are currently 3 billion of us surviving under the poverty line ($2.50/day), or nearly half of the world’s population!

The Fees To Banks

Meanwhile, total bank fees amount to roughly 15% of what U.S. consumers spend on shopping in the forms of credit card fees, interest fees, overdraft fees, and so on.

HeartCash is here to CHANGE this.

Cold Money

A currency is typically cold, as it is merely a medium of exchange with financial purposes.
When it comes to traditional currencies, such status quo is quite impossible to challenge.

A Different Way To Pay

But conventional practices are being shaken up now that the first digital currencies have seen the light of day.

Alas, a currency can be warm, social, and help make the world a better place!

We Want Your Help

When you use HeartApp for shopping, a portion of it automatically goes to people who are instrumental in the betterment of their community, instead of being cashed out by financial institutions and already wealthy shareholders. Those people or non-profits organization that help fellow citizens without expecting anything in return are who we refer to as “Big Hearts” and HeartCash is engaged in giving them full support.

This is BIG !

  • A token with a built-in heart.

  • A portion of your spending goes to charities of your liking.

  • See all of your donations in real time.

The HeartCash

The new Token

HeartCash is being launched as a global Token , with a number of distinctive features:

  • 1. HeartCash is implemented to ensure transparency for the donors as well as instant distribution. With the HeartCash token the user can be ensured that, while shopping, donations are given to the selected charities.

  • 2. HeartCash is being launched on a proprietary network that supports the defined featured of the HeartApp, which in turn supports HeartGlobal’s charitable activities around the works while enabling users to perform transactions and interacts within the community.

  • 4. HeartCash has a unique team structure where a number of Non-Profit organizations globally are ensuring the support of HeartCash as it is being launched.

User Flow

Top-up with HeartCash using the HeartApp.

You can either manually select your preferred non profits organizations or causes, or allow the HeartApp to make some recommendations based on the ongoing humanitarian crisis, issues, or regions of the world that are near and dear to your world.

The Launch of the HeartCash

  • Oct 2017 - Implementation starts

  • September 2018 - Beta version of HeartApp is launched

  • December 2018 - First commercial version of HeartApp and HeartCard is Launched

The HeartCash Team

Our team encompasses a roster of prime experts in their respective fields so as to make HeartCash a running success:

  • Daljeet Singh has over the years supported many in need, even if his professional passion has been as a developer, the passion of helping people in need made him found The HeartGlobal Foundation. The HeartGlobal foundation has constantly grown and is now launching the HeartCash, The new Global Currency with a heart. Daljeet is now an important part of the Token Unified team, the company responsible for the implementation of HeartCash.
  • His professional developer background will be an important part of the system development. He is a Senior developer with expertise experience in many areas such as: MVC, Web Design, CMS, Frameworks, CRM, Android, IOS, Photoshop, Angular, API Integration, Payment gateways, Responsive Design, Migration, Etc.
Daljeet Singh Part of Token UnifiedFounder, Head of Front End Design
  • Belle has been engaged in a number of non-profits over the years. Lately, the “Embrace the Amazing” project which is focusing on children with special needs and children in poverty in Manila and the conflict-prone region of Mindanao.
  • She is a Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Awardee (Asia) in recognition for her initiative in helping the urban poor in the Philippines. Belle is an important contribution to the project for the South East Asian region.
Belle DiestaTeam member and "Big Heart" South East Asia
  • Michael O’Day previously served as Elevatus Foundation’s Executive Director from 2011–2014. He currently serves on MCF’s general board. As one of Elevatus Foundation’s founders, his knowledge base in this sector comes from studying social entrepreneurship, non-profit management, and international development in college. He speaks fluent Malagasy and travels to the country frequently.
  • He first became passionate about helping the Malagasy people while serving a christian mission in Madagascar. Since then, he has worked on many projects to help lift the Malagasy people out of poverty. One such project is Trano Mirary, an affordable housing company in Madagascar, which he founded. Trano Mirary won the Ballard Center for Economic Self Reliance’s 2012 Social Venture Competition and Utah Valley’s 2013 Social Enterprise of the Year award.
Michael O’DayAdvisor, Non-Profit Organization, General Board
  • Aleksandar Popovic is a Senior blockchain engineer who has specialized in cryptocurrency API, decentralized database, peer to peer network and Blockchain token design.
  • In the blockchain space, bringing an in depth knowledge as a developer, IT security researcher and project manager to successfully launch products.
  • In addition, a full stack web developer for more than 7 years, with expertise in web3.js, solidity and dApp, central in blockchain Webapp development
Aleksandar Popovic Part of Token UnifiedHead of Blockchain Design
  • Guy Robert Started as Global Product Manager at Ericsson, an international Telecom corporation. After working as Product Director for Vodafone, the largest Mobile Network in Europe, Mr Robert worked as International C Level Business Development Consultant throughout Asia and Europe during 5 years before he established an IT company in Spain, later acquired by a public group.
  • Guy has, from his US based company built solutions within Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Investment Platforms and Blockchain solutions.
Guy Robert Part of Token UnifiedTechnical AdvisorLinkedIn

More about HeartGlobal

The HeartCard

HeartCash will be accepted in a growing number of retailers.

In those places, you will be able to pay directly from your Mobile app, within seconds, and at virtually no charges.

In places where you cannot use a phone, you can simply pay with the HeartCard, based on a smart Visa card partnership that carries a nominal fee and is accepted in 50+ million places worldwide.

Whenever the balance on the card is low, it gets topped up with HeartCoins based on your settings.

The HeartCard is also instrumental for the receivers of donations all around the world as they will be using it to buy essentials, fund their cause, and withdraw cash in local currency when needed.

The HeartCommunity

The Heart.Global community takes its pulse within the mobile HeartApp, and is divided in 3 memberships: Donors, Recipients and Sponsors.

There you can search for causes that are close to your heart, among carefully selected charity groups, with proven track records and legitimacy.

The platforms allows you to purchase additional HeartCoins, connect with other active members, and review reports or video clips from Recipients showing progress on all the projects that you and so many others are contributing to.

In the ledger, you will also be able to monitor your history of donations via the HeartApp.

Heart.Global is a Foundation with one mission:

Helping Big Hearts to BETTER the World.

Heart.Global is managing HeartCash, the HeartCard, the HeartCommunity, the HeartEvents, and the HeartSponsor programs.

Heart.Global is also running HeartCenters in various countries in a view to improve relationships with non-profit organizations worldwide.

Our promise Your Privacy

Since Heart.Global donations are enabled through blockchain technology, all transactions and activities are completely transparent and can be reviewed immediately.

Every donation is fully traceable, so that members know exactly what happens to their money – and for what purpose.

Heart.Global ascribes a tremendous value on Privacy and do not divulge personal information or confidential datas within the HeartCommunity, to HeartSponsors or to any other 3rd party, without prior consent.

Only you can see “your donations” and “your transactions”.

For more information, please refer to the H.G. Terms and Privacy Policy.

Regular Donations

Over 85% of the U S population wants to be charitable,

but only 17% are giving on a regular basis.

Donations Europe

In other countries, donations are even lower based on GDP:

United Kingdom 1/5 of USA,

Germany 1/8 of USA

Sweden 1/9 of USA.

I am a Heart

Become a Heart.Global member! Become a “HEART”!

We are seeking additional Big Hearts in the following Regions:

Heart.Global N. America

Heart.Global S. America

Heart.Global Europe

Heart.Global Africa

Heart.Global China

Heart.Global S. Asia

Heart.Global Russia

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